Practice & Purpose

Why choose The Covenant Academy

Our children are our furture, the only physical inheritance that matters to God. We invite you to join us to make a difference in our children’s future and by extension, our own future.

To provide at an affordable cost the most excellent standard of education that focuses on the individual needs of each child in an environment that is God centered, using every tool available in order to equip our children for a flourishing future in a real world that will touch the lives of real people in a real way. The Covenant Academy runs a Nigerian adapted ACE curriculum. The K-3 Grade/Nursery-Secondary program has distinct advantages.

Academic Excellence

Produces academic excellence through individualized learning. Places each child at exact point of academic ability.Utilizes multimedia and computer technology. Teaches critical thinking skills. Incorporates goals settings and diligence in making these goals.

This curriculum utilizes an academic skill that has produced first class graduates all over the world. It produces children that are self motivated towards achieving academic excellence.

Biblical Character

Did you know that if a child attends your church every Sunday and attends a secular school, he will only experience your godly influence for approximately 78 hours a year? In comparison…that same child will be exposed to secular philosophy in public school for 1,260 hours in one year alone.

Then consider… that the average child views television over 1,260 hours each year. You can see how little time you have to help a child know God and develop a Christlike character. Suppose…those 1,260 school hours were spent in a Christian school using an excellent academic, character-building curriculum used worldwide by thousands of church-schools. What a difference you could make in children’s lives.

Parents are deeply concerned about their children’s education. The ACE curriculum is preferred in over 7,000 schools around the world. Since 1970, ACE worldwide has been developing and publishing Christian educational materials. There are some very unique reasons why thousands of educators and parents have chosen this curriculum to educate their children.

Economic Expediency

Welcome to The Covenant Academy, a world-class trend setter in education operating a curriculum (ACE) that has been in use all around the world for over three decades. The Accelarated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum is a world class standard for academic excellence combined into a Christian foundation.

The character-building effect of this extraordinary educational strategy, which produces individual academic excellence, presents the answer to the global crisis in education. Utilizing this concept of individualized learning, students do not just get by, they get ahead!

The ACE curriculum has a worldwide field service team of professional educators currently in services over 7,000 schools, 14 government contracts, and thousands of home educators in 120 countries. An inhouse team of more than 250 professionals at the International Corporate Offices provide materials, training, and conventions for a global network of support on the cutting edge of…GLOBAL, BIBLICAL, EDUCATIONAL REFORM.

The Covenant Academy is an elementary school that combines the traditional one-room school with completely individualized, diagonistically prescribed, high-tech learning. It incorporates the most advanced computer and multimedia technology. This includes computer video interactive (CVI) record keeping and modem ordering. The Covenant Academy gives you the most advanced twenty-first century education program available.