Four major trends are changing education:

High Technology – The textbook will be replaced by individualised learning tools which are integrated with the computer, enriched and enhanced by multimedia system.

Values – The demand for traditional values is accelerating as natural law, biblical principles, and character begin to rebuild culture.

Globilisation – Our planet is shrinking as travel, trade and commerce construct the global village.

Each student has his own private ‘office’ learning area, where he works his way through a full scope and sequence of curriculum with one-on-one individualised learning assistance.

Advancement is attained only through learning. A safety net provides security from failure, and individualised skills mastery is supplemented by class activities where it is essential.

Success is the ultimate goal. Children must learn to think carefully, act responsible, and live wisely. Therefore, the curriculum is structured to include all three levels of the living process: Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.

The Covenant Academy’s curriculum has been carefully formulated to incorporate a scope and sequence that introduces children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at appropriate developmental levels and motivational stages. Vocabulary is carefully selected to spiral from simple to complex from concrete to abstract, from first level to graduation. Each new concept is identified and used five to seven times for mastery. Information focuses on the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’. This is the KNOWLEDGE dimension of life.

After entering the secondary level, the student expands his learning to the abstract or cognitive reasoning level; focus is on ‘why’and ‘how’. This is referred to as the UNDERSTANDING dimension of life.

The chief distinctive feature of The Covenant Academy’s curriculum is its focus on WISDOM as a critical part of the learning process. WISDOM is the highest of the three dimensions of life: consciousness of response to reality. To be a success, the student must learn not only how to make a living but also how to live. WISDOM is performance, the highest quality of life; it is observable biblical principles and character in action.

The Covenant Academy’s curriculum provides mastery learning, critical analysis, conceptualization, cognitive reasoning, and life from the perspective of REALITY. This makes the Covenant Academy’s curriculum (ACE) the most advanced educational package anywhere in the world.