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The Covenant Academy

Are you looking for a school where children will be treated like kings and queens? Can you find a school where your children will be taught Christian values alongside excellent education of international standard Today is the day you can answer these questions. The covenant Academy is the school for you.

Day Care and Play Group
A well-ventilated and peaceful atmosphere, equipped with stimulating play development and learning activities.
Class rooms are filled with a wide variety of concepts to stimulate thinking and problem solving. The children are introduced to writing, number object identification, etc.
Reading Readiness (Ages 4-5)
The children are taught phonics, reading, numbers, science and social studies. These prepare kindergarten children for entry into first grade.
Grade 1-6)
Students set personal academic goals for each subject every day. They learn to think carefully, be responsive and live wisely. Under the direction is a class supervisor, a student learns to study by himself and excel. Biblical principles are integrated into their academic work.

We in the Covenant Academy believe in a God Centred Education, believe that:

The Bible
is the foundation for all things.
is computing God's wonderful works.
is the melody of God.
is instructional units for learning.
is the study of God's creation.
is the foundation for learning.
Sounds and Arts
Are the beauty of God's creation.

Creativity, passion and excellence. We discover the hidden genius in every child.

EXTRA CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES During school and after school hours, we have clubs that are specially designed to produce well-rounded students. This is achieved by utilizing and productive programs that enhance the children’s and recreational time.

  • Press Club.
    Members gain awareness of the power of written communication, help build interpersonl skills, create interest in a journalism career, instill and build confidence in members.
  • Music Club
    Provides music classes and trains its various ensembles to its members.
  • Servant Leaders.
    Producing next generation of leaders (Christ - centred leadership).
  • Dance & Drama Club
    Explores and discovers divers talents among its members. Helps students in expresssing their thoughts and ideas in a creative manner.

Art Club

Bringing students with a common interest in art and helping them explore their talents by motivting them to embrace and appreciate art.


Academic Excellence

This international curriculum (which has the Nigerian curriculum fully integrated) utilizes academic skills that has produced first class graduates all over the world. It produced children that are self motivated towards achieving academic excellence of international students.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the most excellent standard of education that will equip today’s child with 21st century skills in a God centered and individualized learning environment. The Covenant Academy (TCA) utilizes a world-based curriculum with a strong emphasis on Christian Character. The curriculum is a blend of Nigerian American and British bench marks. It provides your child with the opportunity to have both an international education and exposures as well as a full grounding Nigerian curriculum.

Mission Statement
  • To provide the most excellent standard of education at a comfortable cost.
  • That focuses on the individual needs of the 21st century Nigerian child.
  • In an environment that is God centered.
  • Using every tool available in order to equip our children.
  • For a flourishing future.
  • In a real world that will touch the lives of real people in a real way.

The curriculum uses the scriptures to teach children character and individual uniqueness. It involves each child as they go through their educative materials to inculcate the 60 ideal character trait of Christ. This results in accountability to the family, community and God.


Each student has a private “office” learning where he/she works his/her way through a full scope and an atmosphere of curriculum with a one-one individualized learning situation.


Transportation network: The school is conveniently located for parents who may have concerns about easy accessibility and late arrival to school. A school bus is also available for children on demand.

Meet our MANAGEMENT TEAM Our highly qualified teachers put in their best efforts for outstanding results in both studies and co-curricular activities.

Chairman - Board of Trustees
Rev. (Mrs.) Adeteju Alonge
Executive Director
Pastor (Mrs.) Annastasia Alonge
Senior Administrator (Academics)
Mr. Isaac Sunday
Mathematics/Science/Continous Assessment & Management Informtion System Coordinator
Mr Chukwuemeka Ngene
Operations Manager/Chaplain
Mr. David Sanni
French Coordinator